You can impact hundreds of students with a commitment to Equal Opportunity Schools.

Analysis has shown that each year approximately 750,000 students are missing from the most rigorous classes at their schools across the US.

Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) is preparing for an expanded new school support and grant offering for select Bay Area schools, in partnership with Google and Through our analysis with the Education Trust on every high school in the US, we have identified your school as a strong potential fit for this project to expand advanced course offerings and the diversity of students benefiting from those courses.

“Three years ago, I attended a breakfast session where a young man from EOS stood up and said his organization could help us close the equity gap in enrollment in our AP and IB programs in one year. I am a skeptic by nature and asked for some data. After reviewing their work around the country, I was intrigued. They ran some preliminary reports for us and helped us develop a deeper understanding of the program. We signed on with all five comprehensive high schools.

In one year, we achieved equity in three schools and we were just a few students short in the other two. We reached out to students we had never sought out before and got almost 1000 targeted students to sign up for a class. As a byproduct of the recruiting effort, our overall signups increased by over 1500 students. So, how did they do? Last year, we had our first set of test scores. With over 900 new AP/ IB Students who were mostly low SES students of color, our pass rate was barely impacted. We were actually stunned that we had been missing these students for so many years.”  Ron Severson, Superintendent, Roseville Joint UHSD

The Roseville Joint UHSD media students put together this video showcasing the program impact on students and staff.


We will be conducting a competitive application process with invited applicants in the next couple months. To ensure your district is eligible, you or a cabinet-level colleague will need to participate in an introductory meeting in April. Below you can send an email with your availability and we will do our best to match your availability up with our visits to other invited Bay Area districts.


Equal Opportunity Schools, a non-profit organization operating across the nation with expertise in identifying “missing students” and helping leaders eliminate systemic barriers to rigorous learning opportunities, has worked to date with 150 district Superintendents representing 450 schools across 27 states.

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