You can impact hundreds of students with a commitment to Equal Opportunity Schools.

Analysis has shown that each year approximately 750,000 students are missing from the most rigorous classes at their schools.

Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), a non-profit organization operating across the nation with expertise in identifying “missing students” and helping leaders eliminate systemic barriers to rigorous learning opportunities, has worked to date with 210+ district Superintendents representing 650 schools across 33 states. Through our analysis with the Education Trust on every high school in the US, we can quickly evaluate the potential fit to expand advanced course offerings and the diversity of students benefiting from those courses.

“Closing gaps in opportunity and support for our students drives economic and social growth for our communities. The success of our AP program shows what happens when we invest in equity.” – State Superintendent of Education (IL) Tony Smith, Ph.D.


As a reminder, you attended the ASCD conference and spoke with Dr. Chris Belcher about our program: Action For Equity. He spoke about these three items:

  • the important equity work Equal Opportunity Schools does;
  • the equity access challenge facing the majority of US high schools;
  • the applications process to join the movement and become an EOS Partner District.

* Download the ASCD poster.



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