91% of Districts Continue their Equity Journey.

Action For Equity (A4E) guides your school district from access to success and onward to sustainability, while staying true to EOS’ mission of ensuring students of all backgrounds have equal access to America’s most academically intense high school programs—and particularly that students of color and low-income students have opportunities to succeed at the highest levels.

The renewal process is now open. Request your Collaboration Agreement (CA) by March 15, 2019 to allow adequate time for review. Your signed CA is due April 15, 2019 for the 2019-20 cohort year.

We are learning from you all – 540 schools across 180 districts in 29 states – that there is much work to be done after our first year together to ensure that students and staff are supported, the next year’s missing students are identified, and that school and district teams have the quantitative and qualitative data needed to enable ongoing success.


Access Opportunity

Designed to increase participation rates in AP/IB classes for students of color and low-income students while transforming school culture and adult mindsets.

Access Opportunity Flyer  Access Opportunity Details Repeat First Year

Experience Success

Designed to support students of color and low-income students towards a successful experience in their first AP/IB course.

Experience Success Flyer Experience Success Details  Ready to Renew

Extend Equity

Engages school and district leaders in their equity journey, through a community of practice (Equity Leader Labs) and the use of EOS data analysis, tools, and reports.

Extend Equity Flyer Extend Equity Details  Ready to Renew

Sustain Equity

Designed for partners who are prepared to take nearly full ownership of the process for closing and keeping closed opportunity gaps in AP/IB participation, with remote thought-partnership and support from EOS.

Sustain Equity Flyer Sustain Equity Details Ready to Renew

EOS partner schools’ AP/IB programs have increased by 36,000 first-time AP/IB students of color and low-income students while actively partnering with EOS. Let’s continue to work together to identify and successfully enroll them and support their academic success.

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