You can impact hundreds of students with a commitment to Equal Opportunity Schools.

Analysis has shown that each year in Illinois, approximately 17,000 students of color and low-income students are missing from the most rigorous classes at their schools.

Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), a non-profit organization operating across the nation with expertise in identifying “missing students” and helping leaders eliminate systemic barriers to rigorous learning opportunities, has entered into a partnership with the State of Illinois. To date, 25 Superintendents representing 52 schools across Illinois have engaged with EOS.

As a reminder, you attended one of our recent events in Illinois and we talked about these three topics:

  • Background on the important work Equal Opportunity Schools does – watch the video
  • Addressing the equity access challenge facing the majority of our high schools and the leadership guiding IL schools toward equity
  • Applications to EOS are due on March 1, 2018; State funding submissions due later – apply here


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