We’ve identified a group of a few dozen schools that have found all their “missing students”, and whose AP and IB programs fully reflect their student body. These schools not only do well on their AP and IB exam pass rates, but they also often rapidly climb various indexes of school quality. These schools, these teachers, and these students are showing that, in Jaime Escalante’s words, “Students will rise to the level of expectations.”

We’ve worked with 63 districts spanning 11 states to upgrade over 10,000 students to AP and IB success so far, and continue to visit other schools who’ve done this work using related strategies of leadership, deep data, focused commitment, and capacity-building for teachers and students.

It is not uncommon for us to see schools at least double the participation of low-income students and students of color in their AP and IB programs as early as the first year of their focused effort to close AP and IB gaps. When our district partners undertake this type of growth, the AP and IB pass rates tend to remain stable or improve – meaning that “found” students are not only taking, but also succeeding in college-aligned classes. These results are a testament to the hard work of students, teachers, and school leaders who pursue a higher sense of what’s possible – and get there.

Federal Way, WA


      • Increased by a factor of 2.5X the number of low-income and minority students taking upper-level courses over a four year period while keeping exam pass rates stables.
      • Ensuring that all students are given the opportunity to take challenging academic courses is a key district priority.





San Jose, CA


      • More than doubled low-income and Latino student participation in AP and IB, with more than 1,000 new students (above pre-partnership baseline) accessing AP and IB since partnership launch.
      • The rate of AP/IB students passing an AP/IB exam has not declined, with hundreds of new students passing AP and IB exams each year and entering college with demonstrated college-level success.








Renton, WA

      • More than a doubling of low-income students and a tripling of Latino and black students in AP since partnership began.
      • No decline in AP pass rates.
      • District making academic high school rigor a key focus of their long-term strategic plan.