Partnership Model

Equal Opportunity Schools partners with school, district, county, state, and national leaders around the country to close race and income enrollment and success gaps in their Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, dramatically improving student engagement, achievement and college readiness and success. Likely strong partners:

  • Have a demonstrated focus on both equity and quality.
  • Have a Superintendent who will strongly support an initiative to identify and upgrade all students ready for success in AP or IB classes.
  • May have already begun to implement rigorous high school graduation requirements aligned with college readiness.
  • Are prepared to make the most of the resources provided by Equal Opportunity Schools.
  • Have strong school leaders committed to working constructively with teachers to address student needs in innovative ways.

EOS’s partnership model is consultative, collaborative, and requires a commitment to specific results. EOS contributes to the partnership objective of finding all missing students within the academic year by:

  • Evaluating the size, shape and causes of advanced course enrollment gaps at partner schools, as well as the schools’ strengths and their most effective options for closing those gaps.
  • Providing tools and guidance that the Superintendent and Principals can use to build stakeholder support for the ambitious, inspiring goal of finding every missing student within the current academic year.
  • Identifying missing students and providing recruitment support using an innovative data and analytics system.
  • Improving quality and achievement in the most rigorous classes by collaboratively building an Achievement Plan using tested pedagogical and support strategies.
  • Working with leadership to incorporate strategies for finding missing students into ongoing district- and school-level systems to sustain gap closure after the end of our contract.