Working with Equal Opportunity Schools

The Equal Opportunity Schools® organization (EOS) is an early-stage, education-reform not-for-profit that changes lives and narrows the achievement gap by collaborating with superintendents and principals to address an inequity in our schools: under-enrollment in the best academic programs – especially of students who are Latino, African-American, or low-income. EOS identifies these “missing students” – who we have shown can succeed at the highest academic levels within their schools – and works to transition them into the best, college-bound classes. Because our mission is to find all two-thirds of a million “missing students” within the decade, EOS seeks to hire candidates who have the skills to succeed on a rapidly growing, continuously improving, high-impact, mission-driven team.

Equal Opportunity Schools Partnership Analysts provide direct support to our partner schools and districts through collaborative work with their leaders and the detailed study of existing and new student-specific data. The findings and recommendations developed by EOS Analysts enable the adoption and implementation of highly effective strategies for reaching missing students.

Equal Opportunity Schools Partnership Directors manage relationships and partnership activities with equity-minded school and district leadership teams to achieve ambitious outcomes for students. Partnership Directors use consultative and collaborative problem solving, and research and analysis to enable educational leaders to work toward specific, improved results for students.

Currently hiring a Program Manager
EOS realizes that the ability to manage and query large amounts of data is core to the success of our mission. EOS is seeking to hire a qualified Program Manager to define, document, lead and manage our IT projects, with a focus on data acquisition, data transformation, database management, custom reporting, web portal access, and decision support.

The Program Manager will be responsible for the following:
• Doing deep-dive needs assessment to define the projects and create and implement clear timelines & budgets
• Building the engineering team (including contractors and volunteers from our major partners – Google and Microsoft) to execute project plans with consistent quality and on-time delivery
• Participating directly in this dynamic hands-on start-up environment

• Bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science or equivalent work experience
• 5+ years of IT project management
• Must be proficient in interactive web development (Javascript, HTML, CSS) and appropriate frameworks (e.g. Django) and Microsoft SQL, .NET, and Windows Azure
• Design and programming experience in database systems
• Knowledge of web portal design and development
• Interested applicants should submit a CV and cover letter to

Volunteer Opportunities
Equal Opportunity Schools places immense value on the efforts of volunteers to support its mission. Equal Opportunity Schools was founded through thousands of hours of volunteerism by more than a dozen individuals, and volunteerism remains an important part of what we do. We offer a wide variety of projects matched to volunteers’ interest. If you are passionate about ensuring that students of all backgrounds get great opportunities for learning in their schools, please contact us:

Equal Opportunity Schools
999 N. Northlake Way
Suite 268
Seattle, WA 98103