Working with Equal Opportunity Schools

The Equal Opportunity Schools® organization (EOS) is a growth-stage, education-reform not-for-profit that changes lives and narrows the achievement gap by collaborating with superintendents and principals to address an inequity in our schools: under-enrollment in the best academic programs – especially of students who are Latino, African-American, or low-income. EOS identifies these “missing students” – who we have shown can succeed at the highest academic levels within their schools – and works to transition them into the best, college-bound classes. Because our mission is to find all two-thirds of a million “missing students” within the decade, EOS seeks to hire candidates who have the skills to succeed on a rapidly growing, continuously improving, high-impact, mission-driven team.

EOS has just launched major national collaborations with the US Department of Ed, College Board, International Baccalaureate Organization, and education funders to find 100K missing students in three years. This work, called “Lead Higher”, was announced through the President’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

Equal Opportunity Schools is accepting applications for a Director of Strategic Initiatives, Continuing Services Partnership Director, and an Assistant Office Manager and Bookkeeper.

The Director of Strategic Initiatives (SI) will play a critical role in expanding our ability to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed in challenging high school courses by growing the number of EOS school system partnerships. To date, EOS has found 33,000 missing students, partnering with 360 schools in 22 states around the country.

The Director of SI reports to the Senior Director of SI and works closely with the Manager of SI.  Together, with the support of EOS’ CEO, President, and Superintendent-in-Residence, this team will develop new school partnerships through three primary channels: 1) New regions, 2) Existing Regions, and 3) Working nationally through EOS’ “My Brother’s Keeper” announcements to recruit large urban school districts.

The Director of Strategic Initiatives will play a key role in enabling EOS to sustain and grow its impact on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of missing students for years to come.


The Director of Strategic Initiatives will be responsible for the following:

  • Work with the Senior Director to develop, implement, and closely monitor EOS’ annual growth strategy
  • Lead and support in-person convenings with gatherings of prospective district partners (Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, etc.)
  • Build and maintain successful relationships with attendees post recruitment events; and with key regional and state relationships in order to facilitate high-leverage strategies for recruiting prospective district partners
  • Work with the President, CEO, Partnership, and Strategic Initiatives team to enhance EOS’s Continuing Services growth strategy
  • Participate in the development of external-facing collateral including print, digital, and video content
  • The Director of Strategic Initiatives will be expected to travel up to 50% during the school year and sometimes more during crucial months. The role is based in Seattle.


  • Bachelor’s degree, strong preference for a masters or more
  • The Director of Strategic Initiatives will have at least 7 years experience (school and/or school district preferred), and a track record of results that demonstrate his/her capacity to achieve results by influencing others.
  • Direct experience with partnership development, coalition building, and project management with multiple stakeholders
  • Self-starter, able to work independently, and entrepreneurial
  • Highly organized and capable of managing many workstreams at once and able to move seamlessly between the high-level/strategic and intimate details of implementation
  • Commitment to working collaboratively with all constituent groups, including staff, program participants and other supporters
  • An exceptional verbal and written communicator
  • An ability to lead group discussions with confidence and nimbleness
  • The Director of Strategic Initiatives will have experience building constellations of relationships with external stakeholders through prior work in growth/expansion for a non-profit or social justice organizations, community or external relations, or other related areas.
  • EOS is seeking candidates who are not only passionate about helping partners address racial and economic inequities in their education systems, but skilled at supporting partners at each stage of the decision process.

The DoSI will have a mindset that enables him/her to…

  • Mobilize others around a shared vision. Even without the time to form deep, in-person relationships, you know how to first hear and understand others’ interests, motivations, and the passions that animate them. From there you make the connection to EOS’s work and are able to mobilize them to action. You thrive on making connections with others by eliciting their and your shared passion for making the world a more equitable place.
  • Relentlessly pursue your objectives without an ego. You know that meeting your objectives requires many seemingly competing traits – thoughtfulness and high-productivity/efficiency, confidence and humility, active listening with a clear goal in mind. To do all of these things at once requires remarkable tenacity on behalf of the EOS team and the students it serves, rather than oneself.
  • Chart a clear path forward despite ambiguity. You are a self-starter who will create, iterate, and constantly reprioritize your work to lead your team into open waters. In other words, you are a strategic thinker that knows how to evaluate your resources and align, and realign, them toward a common objective.


The Partnership Directors at Equal Opportunity Schools are a team of experienced, high-performing, equity-minded leaders. The Continuing Services Partnership Director builds systems that allow schools and districts to increasingly “own” their equity work, which requires training, support, guidance, and enforcement of the implementation of the EOS model.

As a Continuing Services Partnership Director, a typical week might include the following:

  • Working with a District lead to strategize outreach planning and develop messaging across multiple schools.
  • Tracking client progress and addressing challenges with school teams who may have become “off track”.
  • Brainstorming with a Partnership Associate about how to keep schools moving forward with the partnership work, including customizing client supports to specific contexts.
  • Presenting a school’s survey data findings via webinar to get the school’s equity team started on their student outreach efforts.
  • Visiting a set of partner schools and facilitating an impactful meeting.
  • Acting as a team lead to develop written and digital support materials that will motivate clients to continue in their equity work over multiple years.

This job might be for you if:

You enjoy navigating complex systems, while striving for scalable solutions. You recognize the type of mindset-changing work we do can be difficult and challenging. You are a master tailor who can best fit our solutions to a whole range of “same problem, different context” situations.

You like helping people. While you could just do the work for your clients, you are particularly excited when you can help them to “get it” and activate their own capacity to do the work. You are comfortable working remotely with clients of all skill levels and knowledge bases, and can adjust your approach to meet a client’s needs.

You anticipate challenges and proactively address them. Given the complexity and number of continuing partner schools/districts, you will need to monitor progress regularly and use keen judgement to decide how best to address emerging issues.

You communicate clearly. You write well, are well-spoken and can eloquently inspire a wide a variety of audiences with simple explanations of complex concepts. You are comfortable developing communications templates, with the knowledge that a template will need customization in order to meet different needs.

You are motivated and driven. You fully embrace your ownership stake in making us better at what we do and recognize the incredible learning opportunity this role provides.

We offer:

  • Incredible Job-Alike Teammates. There are 16 diverse, fun, and exceptional Partnership Directors on a staff of over 30.
  • An Answer. Or two. We have a proven model and tools of engagement we will train you to deploy.
  • Mission-driven Passion. We believe in students, their teachers and their schools. We care deeply.


The Assistant Office Manager and Bookkeeper will serve to keep the organization running smoothly by performing support both on an administrative and accounting level.  This is a non-exempt, hourly position of approximately 15-20 hrs/week.


Office Manager Responsibilities

  • Maintenance and ordering of office equipment and supplies
  • Prepare and schedule office package mailings
  • Preparing and compiling new staff onboard and HR materials
  • Preparing and compiling ‘how to’ documentation for conference room video and computing
  • Manage any office business journals or subscriptions
  • Organize books in library and maintain checkout system
  • Assistance with supply ordering and storage
  • Assistance with meeting preparation
  • Mail routing and receiving
  • Assistance with contact maintenance within Outlook
  • Prepare thank you letters for donors

Bookkeeper Responsibilities

  • Follow-up on outstanding accounts receivables
  • Reconcile the credit card – matching receipts to the credit card statement
  • Bank Reconciliation preparation
  • Accounts Payable/Bill payment and Invoicing in QuickBooks
  • Tracking vacation and paid-time-off, updating employee balances

IT Support Responsibilities:

  • Troubleshoot staff computer issues and escalate to TrueNorth if necessary
  • Set up conference rooms for meetings (video, computer, Gotomeeting, etc.)



  • Ability to multi-task while working in a fast paced environment
  • Proficient in MS Excel & Word


  • Experience in QuickBooks accounting, SharePoint, Concur
  • Accounts Receivable Collections process
  • AA or BA degree in accounting


Interested applicants should submit excellent references, along with a CV and a cover letter describing the importance of the issue of missing students to the applicant to

Volunteer Opportunities
Equal Opportunity Schools places immense value on the efforts of volunteers to support its mission. Equal Opportunity Schools was founded through thousands of hours of volunteerism by more than a dozen individuals, and volunteerism remains an important part of what we do. We offer a wide variety of projects matched to volunteers’ interest. If you are passionate about ensuring that students of all backgrounds get great opportunities for learning in their schools, please submit your resume and cover letter to:

Equal Opportunity Schools
130 Nickerson Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98109